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Meet Oana Hereditary Psychic!

Face to face or telephone psychic readings with Oana hereditary psychic. Try the 5 minutes free psychic reading.

Oana has graduated Law and specialised in International Humanitarian Law. For years,
she has pursued her career as a legal counselor, only to sadly realise that Justice is indeed blind!large

Becoming a mother has been a turning point in her life and Oana started praying for finding her path – a better way of helping, of making a difference in people’s lives.

Oana is a hereditary psychic from both sides of the family. Her upbringing was strongly connected to spirituality and religion but she also had a natural inclination towards the practice of divination and occultism. She has started reading coffee grounds and divining with playing cards at a very young age and her interest in spiritual development has always been like second nature. One might question how religion, spirituality and divination can go together? Premonition, precognition, dream interpretation, well, predictions and various types of divination are mentioned in all sacred texts. They have always been part of any culture. Oh yes, like any tool in the wrong hands, whether it’s science, media, religion or divination, they can do harm. Religion itself should be only seen for it’s sole purpose of helping humanity, for keeping on the path of love and truth. Then we shall live our lives guided by truth, love and compassion, using the knowledge from all sources for the Highest of Good only.

Based on this principle, Oana’s Divination Wisdom concept came to life.

Through her work and personal example, Oana will uncover the endless resource within yourself, for you to be happy! She will help you acknowledge and awaken to the most important ‘secret’: the power of the mind is your key to happiness!

Her direct but comforting style, along with positive and kind hearted spiritual guidance have attracted many clients. Oana’s psychic readings have proved genuine, accurate and have gained her clients mainly through word of mouth and recommendations. She has regular clients from all over the world, some of them are now her friends, becoming part of one another’s life. With her guidance and help, year by year, whether it was a relationship crisis, parent – child difficulties, work and financial issues or health worries, whilst experiencing herself some of the same life lessons, Oana has created a happier and healthier life, equally for her clients, family and friends.

If you are in the UK, looking for a clairvoyant in Ipswich, tarot readings in Ipswich and Suffolk area, you can choose face to face or telephone psychic readings.

If you live abroad, the sessions can be done by phone or video chat (Skype, Yahoo, Windows Live MSN).

Important is that you get the chance to ensure your time and money aren’t wasted: try the 5 minutes free psychic reading with Oana hereditary psychic!

Sessions & Prices

Psychic readings - insight and guidance

The whole point in having psychic readings is to find out what path you are on, at that specific time and to know what needs to be done for leading your life toward your chosen destination.

Nothing is cast in stone, there is free will and more than that, there is The Power of Mind.Image 1

At times of strife and confusion, a psychic reading can be like a torch in a moment of power failure, shedding light into the dark. It can be the starting point on your new journey.

I am aware that finding a psychic that you can totally trust and connect with, can be a set back sometimes and the best way to go round this is probably through recommendation.
Better than that, at Divination Wisdom we offer five minutes free trial for all your psychic readings, so you can see for yourself, before deciding whether to go ahead or not.

Combining unassisted clairvoyance and focusing tools like Tarot and playing cards, my readings are very detailed. The information I require from the client is limited to the given name and date of birth.

You can visit me for face to face psychic readings in Suffolk – Bildeston, IP7 7ES, or regardless of your location, you may opt for a telephone/ Internet session.

Please remember, if you are not too sure about buying, for my psychic readings I offer five minutes free trial, (I use both Tarot and clairvoyance).


Free Trial

Free/5 min
  • 5 min Psychic session (Contact me)

20 Minutes

£ 20/min
  • 20 min Psychic session

30 Minutes

£ 30/min
  • 30 min Psychic or Reiki session

1 Hour

£ 45/min
  • 1 hour Psychic session


*For ethical reasons I don’t offer psychic readings for children under the age of 18 without parental consent.

Reiki is a natural method of healing, that uses a higher vibration of the Universal Energy. It has been discovered by a very spiritual Japanese man, Mikao Usui, while fasting and meditating, for his quest of discovering the healing power of the Holy Ones, Jesus Christ and Buddha.
There are many Reiki systems that have been developed over years, however the Usui Ryoho is a very spiritual one, teaching people that healing the spirit by consciously choosing to improve oneself and living by the inherent value of the Reiki ideals means living a healthy life, of grace and virtues.

It’s guiding principles show how wonderful Reiki is:
The Secret method of inviting blessings
The Spiritual Medicine of many illnesses
Just for today don’t worry,
Just for today don’t anger,
Just for today be devoted to your work,
Just for today count your many blessings,
Just for today be kind to all people and all forms of life,
Every morning and evening, chant these words with your mouth,
Join your hands in prayer and pray these words to your heart!

A Reiki session consists in 1 hour of total relaxation of the body, emotions, spirit and mind, while I channel the Reiki (in Japanese Rei means God’s Wisdom and Ki means energy, life force) from the Universe into your energy pathways, without any kind of interference from my side. Reiki is an intelligent energy that doesn’t need directing (it finds by itself the areas/ organs that need healing) and we all have it within, but normally can be awakened only through a Reiki attunement, hence the need of a Reiki practitioner to channel it for the client.

Our physical body is responsive to feelings and thoughts and when these are negative, by attaching to our energy fields, they cause disruption. Flowing through the energetic channels, Reiki, restores the functions and the balance on all levels.


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  • Hi Oona, I really hope you’re well. You have read for me (brilliantly) many times in the past, through a number of relationships and changes actually and I would love to have a reading with you today. Lots and lots of love Jennie x

  • Thanx again for a reading Oana, Without finding you through this difficult time I don’t know how I would have coped. you have not only helped me as a psychic but a true friend with a good soul, you have always given me hope and faith in this differcult situation. you have never seen me as a client but as a friend you have always given me 110% when reading for me and and you are always accurate with the information you give. thanx Oana. I won’t be able to give back what you have and are doing for me. but I do hope that I have found a friend not only throughbad time but also good for life. Thanx Oana, Loads of Love and Light, HK x

  • Hi Oana, just a wee thank you for the reading you gave me, the dates were spot on
    my friend feels much better, she sends here love as well thanks.All the best Christine and Charleene

    Christine and Charleene
    c ion
  • Dear Oana, Thank you for responding to my question. I would love to hear more from you, but do not want to take advantage of your kind nature. If you have anything else you would like to share with me I would really appreciate it. Blessings to you, Astrid x

  • “Just want to say thank you Oana for the wonderful readings you have given me.They were extemely accurate and I have every faith in you predictions!You have a very warm and sweet manner and it was really lovely speaking to you.Talk soon.In the meantime-God bless you and keep up the good work. Lots of love.Susan”.


Psychic Ability

The psychic ability - your hidden treasure

As someone who loves and respects their work, I shall, of course, do my best to create a true and valuable image of article imagewhat actually means being a psychic, and about using your psychic ability.

The word psychic is derived from the Greek word psykhikos (of the mind/mental) and refers in part to the human mind, psyche, and to the ability of perceiving things hidden from the senses, through means of extra sensory perception.

There is a whole phenomenon that has developed, based upon psychic ability. But the skeptics want it to be a scientific fact and so far it hasn’t been proved that way. Reputable psychic Sally Morgan, whom has astound renowned scientists like professor Gary E Schwartz from Harvard University, made a good point when saying ‘Why don’t the skeptics prove to us, that there isn’t such thing as psychic ability?’

Think when somebody is being introduced to you and straight away you get a feeling of liking or disliking that person. That gut feeling is your intuition, your psychic ability. We all have the psychic ability. So, bad news for skeptics: they are psychics too! Or, could skeptics possibly say they have no gut feeling?

It seems that lately, the word “psychic” is avoided, “mentalist” and “intuitive” being preferred. Whatever we choose to call it, we should be grateful for it, for is the only thing we can rely on, when our minds or hearts can’t give us direction. Acknowledging it’s value, some chose to develop it and use it, as a hobby or profession. Like wine tasters and people in the perfume industry use their (very developed :) senses of taste or smell.

Unfortunately, there are charlatans in this profession too, but hey! educated and well respected bankers rip people off with no shame or regret, not to mention the politicians…On the bright side though ‘what goes around, comes around!’ and without love, dedication and being true, there is no way somebody can last in any profession.
The many psychics out there, that have talent and respect for their work have built up an outstanding reputation for both, themselves as individuals and the profession itself.

Psychic readings vs Tarot (other divining tools)

Psychic readings can use unassisted clairvoyance solely (or clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, etc) or the information can be received by divining with focusing tools, like playing cards, Tarot decks, crystal ball, tea leaves, coffee grounds, etc.

Clairvoyance (coming from French with ‘clair’ meaning clear and ‘voyance’ – ‘vision’ ) is the ability of getting information through images, in a way other than the known five senses. The clairvoyant ‘sees’ through the ‘Third Eye’ chakra, which is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. When open and balanced, the eyebrow chakra enhances our psychic faculties and our ability of receiving information.

Tarot is a very good example regarding the unassisted clairvoyance vs focusing tools controvercy. There are documents mentioning decks of cards similar to the Tarot since 1418 but apparently the Tarot hasn’t been used as a tool of divination until after 1700. Tarot has become increasingly popular around 1910, with the publication of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot and has been passed to the English speaking world by The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Divination with Tarot might seem easy at a first glance, hence the army of Tarot readers, which wrongly thought that by studying the pictures and the explanatory books would be enough to give accurate Tarot readings. Without acknowledging, developing their psychic ability, they will only be like a child at school, looking at a picture and trying to make up a story based on it.
Sometimes they might get lucky, but most of the time they put the Tarot readings in a bad light.
A Tarot deck is a very powerful focusing tool. The pictures help focus almost in an instant,
but a Tarot deck can be merely a key that opens the gate to the Universal knowledge.

Another focusing tool similar to the Tarot is a deck of ordinary playing cards. It is said that this form of divination was most commonly used by people of Romany (Gypsy) origin. However it is also widely spread in France and English speaking countries. The Emperor Napoleon was using them frequently.

People tend to believe that one method is better than another, but it’s capital to understand that what works for one person doesn’t work the same way for everyone. Each psychic does the reading in a different way, but they all use their psychic ability. What really matters is to get accurate psychic readings.

And please remember, the Divination Wisdom mix is one great tool, for a next step in your quest for happiness!